Baby Strick #2 – Week 35

Holy cow! We are so close! I was a month out from my due date as of Sunday, so really counting down the weeks. I’m expecting baby to arrive a little early like Ginny did, so this might be my last update. I have my 36 week checkup on Thursday, and then it’s appointments every week. I can’t believe how fast this process has gone.

Logistically, we packed away all our Christmas decor today, so I’m ready to start prepping! We are getting a deep clean on the house on Monday…super pumped about that. After that is done, I’m going start washing and setting up all the baby swings etc. I need to wash all the baby clothes, finish prepping cloth diapers, finalize the hospital bill, stock up on supplies like toilet paper, set up the car seat, make some freezer meals etc. I have a pretty hefty to-do list, but I’m confident I can get it done, especially since the bulk is doing laundry!

Physically, I am feeling really good. At this point in the first pregnancy, I was much more sore in my hips and pelvis so I’m glad that’s not the case as much now. Maybe all those squats and lunges from the last 2 years have paid off! The chiropractor has been wonderful too. Been having Braxton Hicks pretty often, but nothing painful. And baby has been very active!

Mentally, I’m getting a bit anxious about the birth process and just adjusting to life with a newborn (again!). Everyone says the newborn stage is easier the second time around, but I’m nervous about Ginny no longer getting all the attention and how she’ll respond to that. I’m sure I’ll look back in 3 or 6 months and be glad that stage is over!

Week 35 – December 2019
Week 35 – September 2017

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