Baby Strick #2 – Week 30

Officially in the 3rd trimester! It is going so quickly and with the Holidays, the next 2 months will really zoom by. I’m trying not to plan too much right now as far as baby gear, prepping clothes etc, but want to enjoy Christmas before I pull all that stuff out. I have been prepping my cloth diaper stash – sanitizing, trying to get out stains etc.

Starting to get to that uncomfortable stage including more Braxton Hicks and harder to sleep without tossing around. Looking at the comparison pics below, I guess my stomach size has evened out from the first time! It looks like I’m carrying higher this time around, but I feel like I’m carrying lower. I haven’t really had much heartburn or pressure on the upper part of my abdomen, but rather feel more pressure lower down. So who knows?!?

Passed my glucose test (yay!) and enjoying the benefits of seeing the chiropractor regularly. I took Ginny with me to my checkup last week, and she was saying “Baby Sister time!” on the way in. I think she’ll make a good older sibling.

Week 30 – November 2019
1st pregnancy Week 30 – August 2017

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