Baby Strick #2 – Week 27

I’ve been feeling really good lately. In general, I have lots of energy and motivation. My amazing friends hosted a joint baby shower for me and my other preggo friend – it was so nice! I realized this baby will be better dressed than Ginny probably was, but I think it’s because everyone likes to buy adorable little girl clothes and we didn’t tell anyone Ginny was a girl. I guess being the second kid has some benefits!

I have a long list of things to complete before the baby comes, not to mention the Holidays! I have lots of sewing projects and we are going to work on our Toddler’s room this month. My goal is to make lots of freezer meals ahead of time, just to have one less thing to stress about. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed just with my to-do list. But then I think about it…I was at this point in my pregnancy with Ginny when we moved into the house. And I was able to get the house set up in those few months, so I’m feeling confident.

My hips have been more sore, especially if I move or walk a ton. I finally started going back to the chiropractor a couple of weeks ago, so that has been amazing. I have my glucose test coming up this week (gross!) and then I’m into bi-weekly appointments! It doesn’t feel real – we are getting so close!

27 weeks – October 2019
27 weeks – July 2017 (the week we moved into our house!)

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