Baby Strick #2 – Week 22

As promised, my not-so-frequent updates! I was aiming for week 20, but we had a family vacation and it just didn’t happen in time. Oh well!

Week 20 Anatomy scan. The bubble is the umbilical cord

I’ve been feeling good since my last update. In the pregnancy sweet spot right now. Starting to feel pretty big and if you look at the comparison photos, yep I am, compared to the first time around! My innie has started to pop, so that’s always a bit weird. I’m full-time in maternity clothes now, and even bought new items since I’ll be majorly pregnant during the Winter this time around. I pulled out my giant pregnancy pillow and finally comfortable with that thing again (it took a few nights). My hips have been a little sore off-and-on but I think that was more from sleeping on bad beds and lots of walking during our vacation last week. My appetite is finally back in full-force. I’ve had more of a craving for sweet drinks unlike my usual taste: juice, lemonade, etc. I’m still enjoying all the carbs and anything without red sauce.

We had our 20 week anatomy scan a couple of weeks ago, and everything looked great! It’s such a relief to finish those major tests and have reassurance that baby is looking good. We’re almost to viability too, so that will be another nice milestone to pass.

Week 22, September 2019. Yep, I’m way bigger now.
For comparison (because it’s fun), week 22, June 2017

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