Baby Strick #2 – Week 16

Well, I was much better about posting weekly updates for baby #1 and I knew this time around would not be as regular. Sorry kid 2! You’ll have to get used to it!

Just to recap, we are having another girl! Due at the end of January 2020

Baby’s photo at 12 weeks

This pregnancy hasn’t been too hard, but it has been harder. The first trimester included much greater exhaustion levels, queasiness, and lack of appetite, but thankfully no nausea or morning sickness. It’s hard chasing a toddler around, still trying to be a good parent for them, trying to be a good spouse and homemaker, still wanting to have a social life, all while feeling just-a-little-bit-sick all the time. Some things are just going to fall to the side, and that’s ok. That’s going to be life moving forward.

The second trimester has been pretty good so far. Energy coming back, appetite coming back, and finally past the “scary” points and getting to enjoy this phase. I haven’t felt much movement yet but I can tell there are flutters…just very faint. I haven’t had any appetite for caffeine and am able to eat red sauce (like pasta or pizza).

I’ve pulled out most of my maternity clothes. The bottoms, especially, have been needed as I definitely feel like I’ve popped earlier this time. Also, most of my maternity clothes are summer clothes so I need to wear them while I can! August is terrible in Texas!

August 2019 – 16 weeks
Just for comparison, April 2017 – 16 weeks

I’ve had a few OB appointments so far, and everything seems to be progressing normally. I’ve scheduled my 20 week anatomy scan – it’s hard to believe we’re almost halfway there!

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