Baby Headbands

I adore headbands on baby girls. My idea was to create a system where I could have a bunch of options to go with her outfits as well as grow with her! Inspired by Pinterest, here’s what I came up with.

The Bands

I bought a bunch of different elastic from Jo Ann Fabric. I liked the types with the ruffles. Most of these were either 5/8in or 7/8in wide. I chose a variety of colors (except pink :))

Using this tutorial, I was able to make the headbands expandable. I purchased the clear clips and sliders from Etsy.


I found different bows, flowers, buttons, and shapes from my own craft supplies and at Jo Ann Fabric. I could buy these little things forever.


Putting it all together

I attached a clear snap to each piece so I can mix and match bands and embellishments. I just make sure to attach them before putting on baby’s head! I used hot glue on the band. On the other pieces, I sewed the clip onto a piece of felt then hot glued the felt to the shape.

She doesn’t sit up by herself yet so I haven’t used the headbands very often. Once she’s holding her head up and more mobile, I’m expecting to use them daily. I like the variety of colors and shapes and hope to have at least one headband to choose for each outfit!

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