Harry Potter Nursery!

The whole room was mostly inspired by ideas on Pinterest. Here’s my board!

Flying Keys Mobile

Several ideas on Pinterest like this one. I found the keys at a Flea market, removed the rust, and spray painted gold. The wing template was found here. To assemble, I attached clear string to the keys, spray painted the hoop gold, and attached ribbon at the top. We used a hook in the ceiling to connect it all.


Hogwarts Quilts

Lovingly created by family and friends.


My SIL is awesome and great with her Cricut machine. She made the decals and I attached them to painted wood.


Found the owl night light on the left on Amazon. I was hoping to put it in the cage, but it was too big! I found the cage at a flea market. My MIL got the small owl for us (it’s a plush toy) and it fit! Also have the set of books, my wand from Universal Studios, and my Butterbeer mug.


Etsy Cuteness

Found the baby Hogwarts house animals on Etsy and then put them in simple frames. I found the HP symbol banner here, printed, laminated, and used ribbon to tie together. The banner comes in multiple sizes and colors. I also bought the wizard mail printables. I like picking the digital downloads and then I can print as I want.

Final touches

Finished off with my map from Universal Studios and this awesome poster from the release of book 7! My MIL hemmed the curtains and made the window seat cushion.

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