Week 35 Baby Update!

At 35 weeks, baby is now the size of spaghetti squash!


Symptoms: Shortness of breath – wowza. Body just moves slowly and feels stiff when I’ve been sitting too long. Overall though, not feeling terrible considering how far along. A few Braxton HicksĀ but nothing painful or consistent. Doctor said I am right on track and everything is looking good with the baby!

Favorite thing to wear: Can I just say everything is uncomfortable?

Activity: Took a nice long dog walk to enjoy the cooler weather. My hips made me pay for it afterwards!

Food: Can I get an extra side with that?

Milestones/Planning: Had our second baby shower this weekend which was wonderful. We are now at the point where we know exactly what is left to acquire for the baby, so that will happen this week (plus gift cards!). Washed all the baby clothes and sorted them – I think I’m good for the next year with clothes (I say that now, but…) All set with the hospital for delivery, and had the “what to look for with labor” talk with my doctor. We are really close!

Currently Reading/Watching: Womanly Art of Breastfeeding

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