Week 34 Baby Update!

At 34 weeks, baby is now the size of cantaloupe! My app said “muskmelon” but I had never heard of that before, so much prefer cantaloupe (or rockmelon as I grew up with).

Thanks Amy for the clothes!

Symptoms: The shortness of breath is pretty crazy. Baby is moving around so much that I can feel it now even if I’m moving around. Started feeling what I think are Braxton Hicks (tightening of the abdomen), but not too much of that.

Favorite thing to wear: Got some great maternity clothes from Amy and very thankful for the shorts.

Activity: Ha. Just trying to keep up with the news from Houston.

Food: I love cheese and crackers.

Milestones/Planning: Not as productive baby-wise this week although the house is essentially unpacked now, though not completely organized.

Currently Reading/Watching: Back to reading the Womanly Art of Breastfeeding. Made a playlist to re-watch baby/pregnancy related movies so saw Juno and Bridget Jones’ Baby again. I forgot how good Juno is. Also watched Babies Behind Bars on Netflix – it’s sort of like Orange is the New Black but real and sadder.

Any other baby/pregnancy related movies or documentaries I should watch?

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