Week 33 Baby Update!

At 33 weeks, baby is now the size of pineapple!

Oh hey! This shirt fits!

Symptoms: Haven’t had much indigestion lately (yay) but the shortness of breath is crazy! Had a few bouts of that all-consuming fatigue, but it hasn’t been as debilitating as it was in the first trimester. Oh and I’m hot all the time.

Favorite thing to wear: Even my maternity shirts are starting to feel tight. I hope I can make it through the end! Wore a hand-me-down Maternity dress for my niece’s baptism this week and it was super comfy. Glad the weather is cooling down a touch.

Activity: Lots of slow walking/partial waddling. Yes, I know I need to do more.

Food: Yes. Food good.

Milestones/Planning: Ordered my breast pump, reserved newborn cloth diapers (through a rental program), scheduled the newborn photo shoot, and made really good progress on nursery decorations! Feeling very productive plus the house is coming together (almost everything is on the walls now!)

Currently Reading: Almost finished with Husband-Coached Childbirth. Watched Nine Months Рthat movie did not age well.

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