Week 32 Baby Update!

At 32 weeks, baby is now the size of bok choy!


Symptoms: Indigestion wasn’t as bad this week (only a couple of days). I’ve been trying to stay upright during and after meals which helps. I feel hot all the time: it’s really weird when Andrew wants a blanket and I need the fan on! Overall, feeling the pregnancy slow down. Baby’s movement is almost constant now – strange when I can see movement on two sides of my stomach at the same time!

Favorite thing to wear: I started wearing these silicone rings several months ago. In general, I find rings uncomfortable so at the first sign of tightness, my wedding ring was off and these make a good substitute.

Activity: Not much this week.

Food: Apparently Papaya is good at combating indigestion. I’m not sure if it’s accurate, but it sure is delicious!

Milestones/Planning: Had our first shower this weekend – it was wonderful to celebrate with friends! Nursery is coming together – all the furniture is assembled and in place. Now to sort and organize all the clothes and hang decorations. Signed up for a car seat safety class at the hospital. Still feel pretty behind on my to-do list but I think part of that is just me.

Currently Reading: Still readingĀ Husband-Coached Childbirth.

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