Week 31 Baby Update!

At 31 weeks, baby is now the size of a broccoli stalk!

After a much-needed haircut!

Symptoms: I’ve officially hit the uncomfortable stage, with 2 months to go. Getting indigestion almost daily which can be pretty draining. This is pretty common at this stage in pregnancy since my innards are getting squeezed to make room as the baby grows (hence the constant peeing too). Fun! At my Dr appointment today, I was measuring right on track and baby’s head was down.

Favorite thing to wear: Flip flops, only so I don’t have to bend down to tie/snap my shoes.

Activity: Yoga. That’s about it this week.

Food: Trying to be more cautious due to the indigestion, such as avoiding spicy foods.

Milestones/Planning: Finished our Bradley Birth class last night. Highly recommend for everyone preparing for a baby even if you don’t think you want a natural birth! Andrew and I have way more confidence about the whole giving birth thing now – I think he’s going to make a great coach! Started working on the nursery crafts, now that my craft room/office is unpacked and organized. I’ll probably have a dedicated blog post on the crafts once that’s all done.

Currently Reading: Reading Husband-Coached Childbirth, written by Dr. Bradley himself. He seems kind of folksy, which is amusing. The book is very informative.

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