Week 30 Baby Update!

At 30 weeks, baby is now the size of a head of cabbage! Only one quarter of the way to go!



Symptoms:¬†Baby is super active. Often, I don’t want to move because I enjoy it so much! I feel like my belly button has been on the verge of popping for a couple of weeks – we’ll see if that fully happens. It’s very strange.

Favorite thing to wear: A small thing, but bra extenders. Worthwhile investment at this stage.

Activity: Yoga and still working on the house, which keeps me busy.

Food: Can’t get enough fresh summer fruit.

Milestones/Planning: Purchased and assembled all of our Nursery furniture! It feels like a huge accomplishment. We effectively “completed” our registry. Got a ton of baby supplies from my sister-in-law so now that we have furniture, I can actually wash everything I have to get ready. Overall, feeling a little less overwhelmed this week than last.

Currently Reading: Still working through The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding. And lots of articles and blogs. Watched 9 Months That Made You which was very cool!

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