Week 29 Baby Update!

At 29 weeks, baby is now the size of a head of cauliflower! It’s fitting since we made one of our favorite dishes┬álast night.


Symptoms:┬áBaby is extremely active! It’s strange to see your whole stomach move from the inside. Overall, I’ve been pretty lucky during this pregnancy and still feeling really good.

Favorite thing to wear: I really love the maternity tees from Target. Those are pretty much all I wear these days with shorts.

Activity: Still getting the house organized. I’ve hit my steps pretty much every day just from walking around the house. Also swam which felt great, otherwise it’s just too darn hot to do anything outside.

Food: Trying to eat more red meat. See below.

Milestones/Planning: Passed my glucose tolerance test (yay!) but have low iron levels, so started a supplement for that. Feel like the house situation is getting settled so almost ready to fully focus on baby to-dos and setting up the nursery. Also attended a Baby Wearing 101 class – there are so many options!

Currently Reading: Not much reading again this week but finished watching The Handmaid’s Tale. That counts as research, right?

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