Week 28 Baby Update!

At 28 weeks, baby is now the size of an eggplant! Plus, I’ve officially hit the third trimester. AHHHHHH!IMG_20170719_151422

Symptoms:┬áBaby is still very active! I am moving slower due to the heat and just carrying more weight around. But in general, feeling really good! I’m anticipating this feeling not lasting, but enjoying it for now. The nurse at the doctor’s office commented that I didn’t have any stretch marks (woo hoo!), thanks to the recommendation to use this.

Favorite thing to wear: Shorts and tank tops. IT IS JULY IN TEXAS.

Activity: Loads of unpacking and organizing and yoga. Trying to squat down instead of bending over because it helps strengthen those much needed muscles.

Food: Food not so good this week due to house situation PLUS we had a boil water notice for a day and a half which means no cooking for me! Thankfully, that is done. I stocked up on a ton of fresh fruit which is great.

Milestones/Planning: Just received our first baby gift! Wish I’d done more this week as I’m overwhelmed around how much we have yet to do. The move into the house was sort of the milestone to kick the baby planning into gear, so now is the time! Started writing the birth plan as an assignment for our Bradley classes.

Currently Reading: Not much reading this week.

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