Week 27 Baby Update!

At 27 weeks, baby is now the size of an acorn squash!

Rocking the Hogwarts t-shirt in our new house!

Symptoms: Baby is very active! Besides feeling hot all the time and constantly needing to pee and moving slower due to the belly, I don’t feel much different! This week has been very busy with moving and unpacking…this blog almost didn’t happen except that I’m a completionist if nothing else.

Favorite thing to wear: Texas summer is killer so I’ve pretty much worn shorts every day for a month.

Activity: Unpacking. My body feels like that counts way more than exercise this week.

Food: The positive habit change I’ve made for myself is that I eat breakfast every day, and usually a substantial breakfast at that with protein and a piece of fruit.

Milestones/Planning: Had my glucose tolerance test on Thursday which wasn’t as terrible as I was expecting (still waiting on the results). From what I’ve heard, that experience has improved in that I didn’t have to fast all day before the test. Not allowing a pregnant woman to eat is just cruel.

Currently Reading: Not much reading happening this week, but still trying to work through The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding. Enjoy Pregnant Chicken posts on Facebook which are generally interesting and amusing too.

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