Week 26 Baby Update!

At 26 weeks, baby is now the size of a coconut!



Symptoms: Starting to feel like my belly is getting huge. It’s a challenge rolling out of bed and getting off the couch sometimes!

Favorite thing to wear: My new maternity swimsuit. Nothing makes you feel more pregnant than trying on swimsuits!

Activity: Yoga and prepping the new house to move in next week!

Food: I actually don’t hate eating pickles or raw onions on foods right now.

Milestones/Planning: My pregnancy app switched over to the 3rd Trimester this week (even though that doesn’t start until week 28). I was like…whoa I’m not ready for that! Still have quite a lot to pick out for the registry since I only have about a month until the first shower, but Baby Bargains is helping narrow the list. The Bradley classes are helping me mentally prepare for birth, but it’s still overwhelming to think about bringing a new human into this world!

Currently Reading: Still between Baby Bargains and The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding

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