Week 25 Baby Update!

At 25 weeks, baby is now the size of a large cucumber!



Symptoms: Had a cold this week, although mostly just congestion. Still not fun when you can’t take any of your normal medicines! Very thankful for my nasal rinse though. No new pregnancy symptoms this week, otherwise.

Favorite thing to wear: Got a couple of nightdresses to sleep in and very thankful because they are so so comfortable! And have room to grow over the next 15 weeks.

Activity: If you count furniture shopping and house inspecting…

Food: No weird cravings or aversions. I just enjoy eating!

Milestones/Planning: Started reading through Baby Bargains. It is incredibly helpful! One of the most overwhelming things about this process is the number of items you “need” and trying to decipher which brand or model to choose. This book has helped give us more specific ideas to fill out our baby registry. Highly recommend for anyone going down this road.

Currently Reading: In between a few books this week including Baby Bargains and The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding

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