Week 22 Baby Update!

At 22 weeks, baby is now the size of a papaya!



Symptoms: Feeling baby’s movement much more this week – just soaking that up right now! Also went to the chiropractor and back to massages to help alleviate future hip/joint discomfort.

Favorite thing to wear: Leggings are great. Went dancing for the first time in a while, and it was pretty comical picking something out because many of my previous go-tos don’t work right now.

Activity: Yoga, bike riding, walking

Food: Still enjoying pretty much everything I eat.

Milestones/Planning: Looked at nursery furniture and decided which style we want. We are closing on our house this month, so will be in full decorating mode very soon. Had another positive appointment with my doctor including a good discussion about the actual birth!

Currently Reading: Reading either The Male Brain or The Female Brain. I’ve read the female brain before and it is fascinating! Both books talk about the hormonal changes humans go through as they develop in the various life stages.

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