Week 19 Baby Update!


At 19 weeks, baby is now the size of a mango. Maybe it’s a sign that all my favorite foods have been the last few weeks: a sign that my favorite foods are around the size of a growing baby!

Symptoms: Still in the sweet spot on symptoms. Feeling great with lots of energy, but not feeling huge yet. Starting to have trouble bending over to put my shoes on, for example, so that’s a little weird!

Favorite thing to wear: Layers, which will allow me to wear many of my pre-pregnancy tops for a while longer.

Activity: Yoga, walking.

Food: No weird cravings, just enjoying eating in general.

Milestones/Planning: Had a great sonogram today and baby was very active. My mother-in-law came with me and she was soooooo excited. See photos below!

Currently ReadingBringing up Bebe, still. Haven’t been reading much this week.

Got a good side profile, but baby was face down. It’s so cool to see the spine and other bones in the body!
Baby’s foot!

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