Week 15 Baby Update!

15 weeks

At 15 weeks, baby is now the size of a pear!

Symptoms: Feeling pretty good this week. I hope it continues for a while because we’ll be pretty busy through the end of May. Had some minor lower back/hip pain but had a massage which helped. Definitely feel like the belly grew quite a bit this week and because of that my innie belly button is even more pronounced which is a little weird to see!

Favorite thing to wear: Still wearing my normal clothes but it won’t be long now before I need to transition to maternity. Even my generic leggings are feeling tight. Wearing lots of tops with cardigans.

Activity: Started back up with yoga and hope to go every week. That felt great. Trying to walk more every day.

Food: Bigger appetite. Went to a Japanese restaurant and was jealous of Andrew’s sushi.

Milestones/Planning: Found out the sex this week and it is a…BABY! Sorry, you’ll have to wait to find out. Made a huge list of potential names so that will be fun deciding. Bought a pile of onesies at Once Upon a Child (secondhand) and started collecting items for the nursery. Also found out that we were negative for the chromosomal disorders tested so woo hoo for that!

Currently Reading: Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth. So far, it’s been really encouraging as to the fact that I can push a tiny human out of my body! Got me thinking more about what I want my birth experience to be.


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