Week 14 Baby Update!

14 weeks2

I’ve officially made it to the 2nd Trimester. Yay! Baby is now the size of a lemon, or as Pregnant Chicken says, a cupcake!

Symptoms: I didn’t have any morning sickness (praise the Lord!), but moments days of fatigue and sometimes queasiness. Overall, I’ve been pretty lucky through all of this so far. I started showing pretty early on, mostly from bloat, but now I think it’s starting to look like a genuine baby bump!

Favorite thing to wear: I bought a new pair of dark teal skinny jeans. They still have some stretch in the waist, so looking forward to wearing them for a while longer. I’ve still got plenty of tops that work, but down to my last few pairs of jeans that fit. I’ve had to buy a whole new set of bras, leggings, and tank tops. My awesome sister-in-law gave me a couple of bags of maternity clothes, but I haven’t had to dig into those just yet.

Activity: Went for a nice swim this week, got a new bike for my birthday, and took a long dog walk. Hoping to be more active as the weather is consistently warmer.

Food: Eating more, that’s for sure. No cravings yet. Sense of smell increasingly strong.

Mental state/Planning: Still moments of freakout (is this really happening?!?), but I’ve started to think more (and Pin more!) about the nursery. We should know the gender in a few weeks, so can start talking about names.

Currently ReadingGood Dog, Happy Baby. Keeping up with What to Expect When You’re Expecting by month.

Here’s the latest Ultrasound. It’s beginning to look like a baby with limbs and everything!

IMG_20170404_134425 (2)


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